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Distracted Driving in Texas

The issue of driving while distracted by a mobile device and its consequences are on the rise in the Lone Star State

Distracted driving is a serious hazard for the drivers of today. Unfortunately, not everyone is truly aware of the risks that it presents to drivers, which is why BRIA Insurance is devoted to informing our clients of the risks of driving while distracted.

How Can You Join the Solution?

How Can You Join the Solution?

More than 100,000 crashes in Texas are the result of a distracted driver and with the increasing availability of mobile devices, the accidents attributed to phone use on the road also grow with over 20% of drivers admitting to regularly using their device while driving. And while cell phone use is definitely a top distraction, danger can also arise from programming a navigation system, changing music on the radio, eating/drinking, and more.

Teen Drivers

Teen Drivers

Our young drivers throughout the state are especially tempted by mobile devices on the road. Novice drivers are more susceptible to using their phone while driving, even while still forming critical skills and habits behind the wheel. In fact, 15- to 19-year-old drivers make up the largest proportion of drivers distracted at the time of a fatal crash (NHTSA) (pdf).

Texas Laws on Distracted Driving

Texas Laws on Distracted Driving

Even more important to consider is that use of a mobile device is illegal for all novice drivers. And while there is not a statewide ban on distracted driving, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reminds drivers that “using a mobile phone when behind the wheel is a risky habit they should break.”

BRIA Insurance & Risk Consultants has a vested interest in our drivers’ safety, especially when it comes to avoidable accidents that become a headache for everyone involved. Our insured and their safety are the focus of our agency, which is why we encourage all of our car insurance customers to Take the Pledge. By downloading the form below, discussing with your close friends and family, and defining where your phone and other distractions belong while behind the wheel, you can be a part of the solution that will diminish this problem.

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Whether it is for business or personal use, BRIA has an extensive catalog of insurance options that will keep you covered.

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