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About Our Agency

Founded in 1968 by Bill Russell, BRIA (Bill Russell Insurance Agency) initially represented a direct writer. In response to the changing needs of his clients, Bill changed the direction of the agency in 1980 by representing multiple carriers. In 1983, with the addition of Bob Russell as CFO and John Buchanan as Vice President, BRIA continued to steadily grow and adapt in the Texas business environment. BRIA added a risk management division in 2004 as a service to its clients. Today, BRIA remains locally owned and operated as a full-service, independent insurance agency committed to providing the highest levels of customer service coupled with the best coverage tailored to each customer’s needs.


Why Risk Management?

Most view risk management as simply buying an insurance product. Unfortunately, insurance itself is not designed nor intended to cover every possible risk an individual or business faces. Due to that fact, we have a unique and diagnostic approach to help our clients uncover and mitigate loss exposures.

Beyond Insurance

We realize that an insurance policy alone can not prevent a serious property loss. Insurance certainly cannot prevent a liability lawsuit, nor can it prevent your employees from being injured on the job. Our goal is to identify exposures; some of which are insurable, some of which are not. True risk management requires developing strategies and processes to reduce your personal and company exposures before something happens. Ultimately, this proactive approach reduces your risk profile and therefore directly affects your bottom line.

Unfortunately for most middle-market companies, the insurance transaction is trusted as the sole risk management technique. However, large companies often have a full-time Risk Manager or CRO who is able to address company risk on a 24/7 basis.

Our job is to help middle market companies address the internal void of not having a full-time risk manager. In addition to insurance, we look at the policies, processes and procedures outside of insurance that can positively or negatively affect the overall risk of a company. By doing so, we can reduce our clients’ cost of risk.


The BRIA Process & Approach

Bottom line, BRIA’s job is to fully learn and understand your risks, ultimately allowing us to develop an insurance plan that manages and mitigates client’s risks at minimal costs. Our enthusiasm, accuracy, and professionalism promise full protection no matter the risks facing you.

Our agency is not only distinguished by our competitive rates, quick quote turnaround, nor prompt and open communication with clients — we are distinguished by our diagnostic and consultative approach to providing insurance. The process is based on improving client profiles while simultaneously reducing the cost of risks, and is applied to each customer, from the smallest personal lines account to a more complex commercial policy for enterprise-level businesses.

This process looks different for each company that we assist. It is a four-step process that is fundamentally proactive in its approach. Here, we briefly examine the four steps.

  • Discovery — This phase begins by understanding the fundamentals of your business by identifying its exposures.
  • Strategy — We work directly with your company to develop personalized strategies and recommendations to manage your risk.
  • Implementation — We help put the strategies to work, mitigating risk along the way.
  • Monitor — We make sure the strategies put in place are working and effective. We change them as needed.

Perfect-Fit Insurance Offerings

There are virtually no products that we cannot provide because we devote the necessary time to search any number of markets for the coverage you need. Whether you work in construction or need to protect your home, we will help you.

We serve a wide variety of professionals in a diversity of fields, each policy and plan individually tailored to address the details of your market. Our business insurance program provides core coverages and delivers broad protection, while our specialty insurance programs for businesses in more than 25 different industries provide unique coverages for enterprises of all kinds.

Homeowners, auto, life, and recreational vehicle insurance policies and plans are just a few of the personal insurance options that we offer. You might want to create inheritances or secure your vehicle; either way we’ll give you a solution that fits.


Each individual and family is unique, so your personal insurance must be, too. From homeowners and auto insurance to life and recreational vehicle insurance policies, our plans have a history of standing strong no matter the risks that come your way. We know how to design a solution that’s a perfect fit for you.

Committed, Responsive Agents Keeping You Secure

We do not start with the bidding process; we start with risk profiles. These allow us to primarily diagnose client needs, but more importantly, pinpoint the right coverage. Our risk profiles are the result of direct collaboration with each client, working closely to learn your story and forge a meaningful relationship that will benefit for years to come. Our interactions with clients make it easy to not only deliver the insurance product that makes the most sense, but also to provide the greatest overall insurance-shopping experience.

Risk Profile Improvement

BRIA Insurance & Risk Consultants strive for excellence at all times and whether we are modifying employee manuals and inspecting job sites, or interviewing cross-sections of employees and remodeling contracts, there is nothing that we will not do in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Let us show you why we’re not just a source for the best insurance and competitive rates, but also the most reliable, trusted source for security, learning, savings, and services. Contact us today for more information. To start on a policy today and provide the initial information to begin the process, request a quote.


Want to Know More About BRIA?

BRIA’s job is to fully learn and understand your goals and the associated risks. We work to develop a plan with insurance that manages and mitigates client risk at minimal costs. See how we can work for you.

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